Continued improvement in Tamale

The month of June is over; we continue to praise God for your life, that of the students and that of the School. We blessed Him for your consistent sacrifice and service in projecting the course of Christ in Northern Ghana.

STUDENTS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL. All students are back to school with the exception of two, who are expected to join us hopefully next week. School activities are ongoing effectively. Currently we are teaching Old Testament IV.

EVANGELISM AND VISITATION We have step up our visitation and evangelism activities in the view of making the local church in Kpalsi vibrant and effective. Saturdays are set aside purposely for door to door evangelism within Kpalsi neighborhood and other areas around the school. We are hopeful to make some baptisms so that, worship continues even when students are on holidays.

We have started working on new recruits for next academic year through visitations and anywhere we go. So far, seven people have shown interest in coming for the next school year.  We pray and hope to work hard to increase the number and the quality of students in the coming year. With the help of God and your efforts, we believe we can all work together to train many preachers for the work of Christ in Northern Ghana and the World globally. We are planning and praying of having the school calendar to starts in January so that the school year will end in December in two years.

A major Gospel Campaign is to take place in August in two villages in a week long program.

SCHOOL/CHURCH LANDS It has been a long and frustrating time for us working on getting the school and the church lands registered. Surveyors from the land commission have visited and surveyed both the school and the worship sites twice this month. It is at the final stage now and hopefully we will get the final documentation ‘soon’.

GOAT/SHEEP SUPPORT Brother George Talafor was our next beneficiary of the preachers goat/sheep support this month. Brother George is one of the first batch students, and a preacher of Sibi in the Volta Region. He was grateful and appreciative for the initiative and to the sponsors as well. He received the sum of four hundred Ghana Cedis (Gh¢ 400.00). This is to help support preachers as they labor for the Lord in the villages. Many of our past students are asking for this help and as this is $100 per preacher support, we pray that help will flow to help these village and poor preachers to make a living.

PILLAR/WALL Maintenance of the school buildings and properties are on-going as funds are available. The cracked wall on the staff quarters has been fixed. There are some works to be done on the car and also on the fence wall.

Thanks for your support and may the Good Lord richly bless you.

Albert and James.


Posted on July 17, 2018 .