A good month in Guinea

Brethren, Here is the summary of activity operations for the month of June 2018.

Classroom: It was another month of hard work as 18 of the 19 students endeavored not only to cross the border line for a passing grade, but to improve their academic performance. In deed some of the students are of a very higher level while a few others still struggle to make up average.

Now that they have completed “Introduction to Sermon Preparation and Presentation”, our classroom daily schedule now requires one student to preach and be criticized during the 10 AM devotion. The overall average performance is about 73 percent.

Evangelism: During the period under review, 3 souls were converted plus a hand full of prospects added to our Sunday attendance list at the new congregation on the promises of the school. The attendance has increased up to about 36.

We have started to send out students 2x2 to the new village congregation and 2 older ones around the town. The radio broadcast of the gospel is ongoing and we receive calls every week.

Dining, Kitchen and Generator shelter Project Start

We have started the construction of a temporal students’ dining, kitchen for cooks and generator shelter. It will be completed in July. Petrol price here in Guinea increased from $.89cents to $1.11 as of 1st July. Therefore, almost all other commodities including transportation and building materials increased. This has affected our initial budget for this project. We are now nearly to complete the work, but details will be in our July report.

Personal Profile: Brother Balla Kamano, one of the staff at Gueckedou Bear Valley is the evangelist at town of Kissidougou some 80 kilometers from Gueckedou. Balla was converted in 1994 just about 2 months after he left Islam. By other profession, he is a mason

During the years of Balla’s conversion, many Guineans came in the faith, but soon left when they did not see material opportunity hoped for Balla whoever stayed and was the only Guinean available and qualified to benefit the scholarship for a Biblical training in neighboring Ivory Coast. He completed and returned to serve first at Gueckedou for some 5 years then later at his present location.

During the first quarter Balla came to teach “God’s Plan of Salvation” and now “The New Testament Church”. Beside one student who scored a 63%, all others made good passing marks in the latter ranging from 71% to 100%.

He had done a good job!   

Francis Sahr Musa, Director BVBI-G     


Posted on July 17, 2018 .