14 baptisms in Kenya

It is our pleasure to share with you brethren what goes on at the Kenya School of Preaching- East Africa. All the Bible students have come back from June holiday and this is now our second week with them in the school. We feel great and excited at the fact that we have come from far with them and  now we are nearing to finish up the two years course. 

While they were away, (June holiday) they helped serve their local  congregations in evangelism and  edification and as a result much good has been done, baptizing 14 into Christ and restoring 21 individuals who had backslid. One of the students conducted a gospel campaign at his  Baringo county and some of his fellow preachers joined him.

Phil Palmer, World Bible School East Africa representative also visited with us and helped evangelize the preaching school area with the students and  the teachers. Eighty (80) and over were registered as WBS students. 

Everything is going on well in our new campus as  we  endeavor to finish this last quarter / semester to graduation. Charles our director is teaching Greek 4 and the book of Jeremiah. David is taking with the students the Preacher and His Work, while Elias takes with them the book of Hebrews.

All eyes are now on August 25th, on which day we will graduate our third intake students since the school began. We invite as many guests as can come. We request that as one comes, he/she bring any good books to help us fill up the empty shelves in our new library. Continue to remember the school in your every day prayers, blessings.

The staff of KSOP

Posted on July 17, 2018 .