Graduation in Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters,

This year Bear Valley Bible Program in Ukraine had 7 graduates. They received their graduation certificates and memorable gifts. It was a great honor for us to teach these people during the last two years. They took all courses assigned by the Institute's faculty and successfully passed them all. Since the studies at our Institute are so intense not all people who had joined the program two years ago were able to complete it. So these 7 graduates made us proud and thankful to God and we will continue to pray for them and help them be faithful workers.

I'd like to write a few words about each of them.

Alexander Belorusov returned to his home town of Zyrgess. That territory is occupied by pro-Russian terrorists but thankfully the church of Christ continue to gather for services. He'll be preaching in this congregation and implement the knowledge that he obtained with us.

Valentin Tsiopa will most likely stay in Bela Tserkva. He has proved himself to be a very diligent student who has demonstrated good results. He has found a secular job but he is still able to assist the Church in Bela Tserkva and is planning on joining our Masters' Program. He has a lot of potential to become a great Bible teacher and hopefully serve our Institute in the capacity of Instructor later in life.

Arthur Ivashkiv returned to Kramatorsk. He plans on helping the Church of Christ in Slovyansk by preaching and teaching the Bible classes. By his first education he is a History teacher, so he plans to get this kind of job again and serve the local church as well.

Dmitriy Levenets returned to his home city of Ternopil. He also helps the local congregation. At present he's got a job at a local factory where he is employed as a security engineer. He and his wife serve the local congregation after work. His wife Kristina teaches the Sunday school and is actively involved in other church activities.

Arthur Litvinenko returned to Lviv. He plans on actively helping the Church as a youth minister. He will become an irreplaceable helper for brethren (our former graduates) who founded the Church of Christ in Lviv some years ago.

Iliya Semikoz will be working with the Church in Brovary. The congregation was established by our Instructors a year ago. Now they need help with their youth ministry. Iliya has a lot of potential and desire to serve in the vineyard of the Lord.

Marina Gurkova was a very disciplined and knowledgeable student. She will stay with our Institute as a secretary, librarian and interpreter. She has a kind heart and has always helped the congregation with ladies' and children's classes.

Last month Jim Sherman worked with us. He does so much for our Institute every time he comes. He taught "Life and service of a Minister" and "Epistle of James" courses. We are very thankful for his service and his love for Ukraine. 

For the next school year we have 4 recruits, potentially our new students. And there are a few other men who haven't committed to the Program just yet.

It's time for our summer practical work. The students who got promoted to the second year of studies also returned to their home congregations. We have 8 second year students and we are actively preparing for the next school year.

To make sure our students will successfully continue their education we have to have reliable financial support. I am asking everyone who reads this letter to help us raise funds for our Bible Institute in Ukraine. If you'd like to be a part of this great work please contact Terry Harmon at ( Terry Harmon is the Coordinator of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Ukraine.

We send our greetings and express our sincere appreciation for your work and for your support of our ministry of training preachers.

Your brother and co-worker,  Dennis Sopelnik.

Posted on June 11, 2018 .