Evangelism in Kenya

The students have  been going out on weekends  and have served 19 local congregations mostly in Western Kenya. As a result, eighteen (18) souls have been baptized into Christ and 39 individuals have been restored back to fellowship.

While the students are away,  the  faculty visited  different churches where we have been invited  in gospel meetings or seminars, and as we do so, we recruit students for the new intake. That will  take place soon after the forthcoming third graduation on August 25th, 2018. The last two weekends, Charles visited a church in Kakamega while I attended a gospel meeting at Malele.

In this week and in the next, we have Wayne Burger from Bear Valley teaching the book of Revelation and the Scheme of Redemption. We appreciate his presence as he divides the word  of truth to the students.

We are glad to have the new facility/ campus and now we are working on beautifying the  compound by planting trees  and flowers. A challenge we experience as one enters our new big library, books  are still  few and many shelves  are  empty. It  is  our prayer that whenever brothers come  to  visit  with  us, they will bring  with them, good conservative Christian books.

Thanks  for  your  prayers on our  behalf,  and  be all blessed.

Your brother,

Elias Omollo

Dean of Students, KSOP

Posted on June 11, 2018 .