Agriculture education in Ghana


We are more grateful to the Lord for the peaceful ending of the month. Also, we ask the Lord and our Saviour to strengthen our supporters for their heartfelt giving and their remembrance in prayer for the progress of the School. God bless you all.

Class and Practical Activities

Instructors are effectively handling their courses as their usual responsibility and as according to the school’s curriculum. Currently, we have all the students present for each course and all are making headway to the fullness of their programme in two years time.

Interestingly, they also had their practical work on “Plant Budding” which took place at Brother E.O. Larbi’s backyard garden, Hebron (Dobro – Medie Rd). This study was to bud late valencia, red blood and tangerine orange to a lemon plant. They were more excited for these programmes which added to them new ideas.

Campaign activities

As part of the school’s curriculum, two of the students and an instructor went on a survey at an area under consideration, Rock City Church of Christ, Kasoa – Accra. The campaign will be carried out on 4th and ends in 10th June, 2018.    

Faculty and staff at Southern Insitute of Biblical Studies


Posted on June 11, 2018 .