Campaign opportunities in Liberia

We bring you greetings from Liberia West Africa, hoping this report meets you all in good health by the continued grace of our loving father in heaven. We are grateful to share with all the happenings in the month of April with you.


We are so grateful to God that classes here in the school are going on very well without any major problems. All the students and instructors are in very good health and sound mind toward the final quarter of the second year curriculum


Finally the date for the entrance examination has been set for all those new students who applied to be our next batch of students for the Bear Valley Bible Institute here in Liberia. On Saturday the 26 of this month (May) all our 46 applicants will be tested from the Bible and English to enable us select 30 qualified men that will make up our next batch of students for the next two years after the graduation of our current students.


God willing, on September 15, 2018 the Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia will be hosting its first graduation of our final 14 students who have faced all the challenges to the end. The planning committee has been set up to work on everything that will make the graduation a success.


The school had just completed two campaigns making it 6 campaigns in all this year, resulting in 19 baptisms in all for the just ended two campaigns. . One of the campaign was carried out around the church of Christ in Ganta that witness 6 baptisms and 5 restored and another one in a far away village where 13 were baptized.

Meanwhile, we have a Macedonia calls from three very big towns to come in and start the church of Christ there. These people have been listening and following our Radio preaching program for over a year now and have come to the conclusions that the church of Christ is the One True Church. These are unbelievers asking that the gospel we preached on the radio be preach to them in their towns and the church be set up there. This is a very great opportunity for all of us to share the saving message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with others.

In this light, to carried out these outreach (campaigns) programs, we need funds for transportation and feeding of the team. With your help, we can plant congregations, restore many and bring many more lost souls to Christ. We have a very strong evangelistic team who are very ready and willing to go out and teach and preach the gospel. We also have all well functioning preaching equipment to carried out our public preaching. It will cost $500 to effect each of these campaigns. Can you please help us preach the gospel to rescues the perishing?


We continue to thank you so much for your support to all the work here in Africa especially in Liberia. May God continue to bless you in Jesus Name.

In Him,

Robert P. Dahn Jr.

Director- Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia

Posted on May 28, 2018 .