A new campus in Kenya


Greetings from the Kenya School of preaching faculty and students. We are very excited to report that we have moved to the new location and building. We are proud to be working in such a great place now. 

When we look back to where we began in October 2012, we thank God for such a humble beginning, we also thank the brethren who support the work and the trust that they have in us to lead the training of preachers. 

All the 18 students are back from the break and zealous to take the few more classes remaining before graduating on 25 August. 

We closed the last quarter by attending a three day gospel campaign in Lieta, the students had an opportunity of going door to door and sharing the gospel before assembling in the evening for a gospel meeting. The campaign despite being in Lieta where two former KSOP graduates serve as ministers, the current KSOP students led in teaching. We are thankful to the brethren who love and support such a great cause, we are thankful to Dan and DJ for being part of the campaign. We pray we will be able to have more of such campaigns. 

The students are thrilled with the new facility and can’t hide their joy in and outside class. Brethren, everyone is thrilled with the new school, the students are attentive and focused as they look forward to joining the Lord’s field. Thanks to Christians for Kenya for such a wonderful facility, we can’t thank you enough but God will reward all. 

We keep on working hard to see that we have a good environment for learning and evangelism by planting trees in the new facility and providing water to the community. We pray another congregation of the Lord will be planted in the new Location as we did with the previous place.

This quarter we have six classes, minor prophet I and II being taught by Elias and Charles continues with Greek III and Denominational Doctrines. Wayne Burger will come and teach two short courses, Scheme of Redemption and Revelation in May – June. 

During the break, Elias and I visited different congregations and gospel meeting, we led teaching and recruitments for the next class in October. It is always great to meet former graduates who are still faithful and keeps working in the Kingdom and more so it’s inspiring to here reports from the congregations how our students are sound in doctrine and industrious. 

The students were very fruitful in leading and being part of 15 different gospel meetings and campaigns during the break that led to 16 baptisms, 12 souls restored and one congregation of 50 in Nakuru restored to the Lord’s worship after many studies done by Zachariah.

The classes taught so far have a great impact in these students and we appreciate the foreign short course teachers for coming to teach and providing study materials. 


Charles Ogutu, Director KSOP

Posted on May 11, 2018 .