Good news in Accra!


With much thank to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we are grateful to you, sponsors and all the churches for the school.

First Quarter Completed Vacation

We appreciate very well what the Lord has done in bringing to a finishing of the first quarter of the year, 2018. Courses as pertaining to this quarter has been successfully handled and well completed with its examination and short courses. School vacated on the 24th of March, 2018 and resumes on the 13th of April. All students participated effectively in class activities except our brother, Maxwell Owusu Ansah who couldn’t attend classes in the last two weeks of the term as a result of his wife being admitted at the hospital for pregnancy complications.

School Plot

There is a land being bought for the School in Accra and the students, staff and Travis visited it to see the state of the plot and how to work things out on the land.

The Director and staff of he Southern Insitute of Biblical Studies

Campaign Activity

As part of the school’s academic exercise, we had our first gospel campaign in the year at Immuna in the Central Region of Ghana.  We encountered some challenges with the Muslims. Their complaint was that during our dawn and evening public preaching, we spoke against them on the basis that Christ is the only One and only through whom salvation could be granted to humanity. Also, our preaching that it is biblically wrong to marry more than one offended.  Our campaign was blessed with 22 souls being baptized and 13 being restored.

Brethren at Jefferson City Church of Christ

Thanks to Fairgrounds Road church of Christ in Jefferson City and an anonymous donor who helped purchase the van for us. The van was very useful to our campaign at Immuna for conveying items and passengers all round. Without this, our cost of transportation would have been more expensive. We shall always say may the Lord who grants us mercies extend His blessings in abundance to you all.

Travis Hardesty’s Visit to Ghana

We were blessed to have brother Travis visiting our school, we were very grateful for his visit. He took some responsibilities by teaching our students in short course on the subject, “the Scheme of Redemption” and also participated in the evangelism program at Immuna, Central Region of Ghana. With him, we were able to convert the Preacher of a Baptist Church and some of his members. We really enjoyed his services and kindness of which we are always keen to have him any time he will come to Ghana.

Finally, pray with us as we also pray for you.

Posted on April 8, 2018 .