Student evangelism in Cameroon

Calvary greetings from this part of the globe. We do hope you are fearing well. By God’s grace all is well with the work in Cameroon. Our country, Cameroon, is still undergoing her crisis in the English-speaking regions. Some divisions are out of it completely. We strongly commit our nation into God's hands. Accept salutations from our congregation in Mbanga. This is how our work in the school of preaching had been going all this while.

We are preaching in the congregation and in our communities. A family was baptized in Mbanga before traveling back to Douala. They came for a brief meeting with brother Evaristus, one of our students in school. This created an opportunity for them to fulfill the scriptures. Two of these visitors were baptized and they are worshipping in Douala. May God be praised for their souls.

We also assisted brother Agbor James during his baptism campaign in the Kumba central prison were God added some souls in the church. The prison ministry in Mbanga is also growing with the help of the students, brother Giresse, and Philippe who are assisting brother Nicholas in this work, most especially lately during his bike accident. Let us continue to pray for this work.

We also ended our ladies class successfully. The course for this quarter was "The Holy Women of God." I took plenty of time to explain to the sisters because this was to uplift their spiritual growth. Most of them had good knowledge about it. It all went well as we ended it with a women’s day celebration. Brother Konglang Patrick, a graduate from Wotutu taught the book of James to our students as one of the short course instructors. He did pretty good. Students are out on mission work and they have traveled to eight assemblies in the French speaking regions. We are praying for their safe return come April 2nd to resume with classes.

Mission work to other places.

We started traveling with the students immediately. Some we went to the same destinations as in the past while were left them along the line. I started my mission on the same day as the students. We attended a lectureship in Kake in the Littoral Region were brother Evaristus and Memvi helped in evangelism for four days before leaving for Bafoussam and Compenia respectively. I continued in my village in a newly created assembly. And, on that faithful Sunday after worship, God added these 3 souls. I spent 10 days with the van visiting some students and congregations together with bro Émile the driver. We recorded 5 souls for this trip. God is great. Our school van took us to very far places. We appreciate the donors.

We thanks God for this trip to our French speaking regions. We really still need a lot of work in our country. By his grace we shall keep on working until the Lords returns.

From Bénédict thé Évangéliste with the school of preaching in Mbanga

Posted on April 5, 2018 .