Doing good in Malawi



We are in the second month since the school started this year! Lot of subjects have been taught like; writing skills, Introduction course, Scheme of redemption, the book of Acts, How we got the Bible and Hermeneutics. It is always encouraging to see great zeal in students wanting to learn.

Teaching work

Every teacher is busy with the notes, looking forward to teaching when his turn comes. It was an interesting week from 12th to 16th when Marc Veary (the overall Director) was teaching Hermeneutics. The class was full of laughter as the students came a cross to lots of passage of scriptures they have been misinterpreting for a long time. They have realized that it is easy to miss what the context mean, but it is always good to look to the context and explain it Exegetically. We still ask for library books if possible. We are lacking some very important books that could help the students in their research work. 

Students preaching

As you are aware that we have planned to conduct several campaigns this year, as part of the student’s practical work, still we take them out on Sundays to help the young congregations like Lupaso, Chankhombo and Chisangano. We are glad that some of the students have been preaching in their home congregations for more than 5 years. Therefore, it is very helpful to use them every Sunday in these small congregations mentioned above as they are still babies in Christ.

Good News

Brother Saliwa Nkosi a former graduate, always share with us good news of saved souls! The man can preach and lead many souls to Christ. Since he graduated in October last year, he has baptized more than ten people. We were happy to see Takesure Nkhoma retaking Hermeneutics class, he shared with us again the good news about the congregation he established end of last year after graduating. He said, he was with his fellow 9 starting the congregation, and now they are 39 in total. We praise God for the wonderful job these graduates are doing.

Thanks to a generous donation we have also managed to buy some more sewing machines for the tailoring vocational training. Most of the students enjoy the vocational training.


We are always thankful to all who support the work of Bear Valley. Lots of good work for the Lord’s church is being done because of you.

By: Ephron Vincent Mbano (Local Director), on-behalf of the staffs. 

Posted on April 5, 2018 .