Evangelism plans in Arusha


As we continue daily to equip these  39 faithful men with the word of God in the class, we also thought it is necessary to send them out to our nearest congregations and serve God. The student outreach program has been fruitful in many ways in congregation around the area.  This is a win win evangelism program that involves ACSOP students and congregation around the area. The students will have opportunity to participate in local outreach program while they are at school. It is a direct benefit both to the students and congregation. 

Students will be required to attend worship service and assist the local men growing the church they will also visit two Saturday of the month for evangelism program. It is our hope that congregation will take this ministry for the betterment of the church and participate in one of the expenses, either food or transport. We always send our students in pair and both are required to write a short report to what they have done in the field. Please prepare to  be hearing these incredible report from our students as the come each week. 

Here are the congregations that will participate in the program, KIYOGA, KWA MOROMBO, KIYOGA, ILKIUREI, KISONGO, MONDULI JUU, MONDULI CHINI, 


I hope you will continue to pray for this great effort as we train these men both in the class and in reaching out the lost souls. 

Godfrey Mngoma

Dean of Students

Andrew Conally school of preaching- Bear Valley international Extension School.  

Posted on April 24, 2018 .