A guest teacher in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren in Christ,

We salute you in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ Amen.

We are pleased to send pictures of our activities undertaken for the month of February this year in which a lot has happened. Students sharing the undiluted word of God to the people in the community where we are planning to take our next campaign. Students holding group studies from house to house as they reason together with community members about Jesus.

Learning in the classroom ended with a short course conducted by Bro Robert Dahn Jr of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Liberia who is also acting on behalf of Bro Steven to see that there is uniformity in the three schools: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in terms of teachings, comportment and spreading of the gospel in these schools

Bro, Steven held a brief meeting with students and staff of Bear Valley in Sierra Leone with Bro, Robert Dahn who reiterated on the teachings and method to be used by all the Bear Valley Schools in order to be on the same standard of learning the undiluted word of the gospel.

He also reemphasized the importance of Bear Valley Bible Institute certificate requirements for the course. The meeting ended with a review of the Budget and setting up of a proper filling system for the school by recording all properties of the school and works to be done by individuals for a proper book-keeping record of the school assets.

Thank you,

Submitted: Bro, Ishmael S. Bangura

Posted on March 20, 2018 .