My visit to Zimbabwe

It has been my pleasure to be with the staff and students at Bear Valley Bible Institute - Zimbabwe. I first began working on this new school in 2015, made the survey trip in January 2016, and the school began June 2016. It has impressed and excelled every step of the way. 

Director Mathew Muchingami and his team of Howard Suwari, Ishmael Mutichu, and Hope Karigoka are doing an outstanding job of making this school reach its fullest potential. They are hard-working, driven, and have a great vision for the future of this school and how it will benefit the church in this country.

I was also able to sit in on a school board meeting and was so impressed by the seven men who came from different parts of the country to attend the meeting, because they believe in the value of the school and what we are doing. 

The students are set to graduate in early June, after finishing a 2 month (April and May) practicum. I was able to share encouragement and admonition with them, as they will soon be beginning their respective ministries. 

Please continue to pray for these good brethren, this school, and the new group of students that will soon begin their journey

See the video of the students and staff singing in the local language of Shona.

From Gweru,

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on February 26, 2018 .