More progress in Takoradi

Dear Brethren,

Again, we are very much thankful to the Almighty God for leading us safely into another year, 2018. It is our prayer that as He did to us in the recent year past, He will continue to grant us peace, wisdom, strength and desire to be able to go through this new year successfully. We also trust that just as He granted our supporters all they needed to assist this school, He would continue to grant them His will and enable all our supporters receive double portion of His blessing. Very thankful to Him again.


We returned into session after the end of year break in the middle of the month (January). As has been our usual practice classes for both the regular and part-time students commenced immediately. We are glad to say that teaching and learning have continued successfully as both instructors and students have been present and on time to go though the time table.


Before we went on break, brother Steven Ashcraft had made us aware that this program must conform to the schedule of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, which the school in Accra is also following. Instead of all the instructors reporting to teach a class this day, (Saturday), one instructor must complete his course and another continues in that order. The Director, Matthew Ackah has begun to take the first schedule, continuing for twenty Saturdays. While fulfilling the schedule of Bear Valley, we also have observed that this has also given our students better concentration on the course


Both instructors and students’ effort contributed in the conversion of twelve (12) souls during the break. The students, upon their return to school are continuing with their evangelism in the villages around the school. They continue to preach also in the village’s information Center. We stated this in our last report.


We are glad to report to you that this project is going on successfully. As we send this report, about a hundred of the two hundred and seventy one birds have been sold. We continue to search for market to sell the remainder. We remain committed with our plans to keep the project running. We have booked another three hundred (300) day old chicks to be delivered in the third week of March, 2018. We pray plans for our suppliers do not change.


The donation of the motor bike had helped our course tremendously. While providing transportation for our evangelism in the areas around the school, it has also supported some urgent needed errands of the women in the kitchen. It also has helped the school carry sick students to the nearby hospital even at odd times. We once again wish to thank the donors. It has been a wonderful assistance to the school.

Finally, we again thank you all, especially our most cherished sponsors for your readiness and willingness to you all and pray the Father to grant you all your heart desire to be able to see us all through another successful year. Once again we say “THANK YOU” and our special greetings to the entire brethren.


Director, West Coast School of Preaching


Posted on February 25, 2018 .