Prayers requested in Cameroon

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Dearest in Christ,

      Greetings from your brothers and sisters who are in Wotutu Cameroon. We are on and we give thanks to God for the light of the day. Things are moving on well in Wotutu. Politically, other parts of our nations are living in fear and doubt. Many are doubting the unknown. We spend time praying because we know God placed our leaders in authority. If they are not working in accordance to His will, then He will decide what to do.

In BVBIC-Wotutu all is well except for the fact that some students and staff are sick. I was also sick but I keep going with my work. Students have gone down to see the doctor in Limbe if things are above our nurse here. Our nurse, sister Senge is so knowledgeable in her field. Only the worse cases can make her need to make referral of a student to see a doctor.

Keep my father in your prayers. He is getting much better. As of yesterday, after fighting with very high white blood cells because he was having an infection, God is helping him get better through the medicines being administer to him.

Our students are okay and are doing their best to gather knowledge as they study. They are in the first quarter now in their second year. They are preparing for their exams by the end of this month which will transition them into field work, but that will only be after they take the short course, II Corinthians, in March.

We were in the west coast of Cameroon for the west coast mission. We are looking on the possibility to establish a new congregation in Idenau which is the chief town of the west coast of Cameroon. Keep this in your prayers.


I will now and will always thank you for your prayers and your help. If not of your inputs, it would not have been easy to do what we are doing. God bless you and replenish and supply more for you.

Do your best to share our reports with others.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu


Posted on February 12, 2018 .