Plans for improvement in Tamale, Ghana


Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tamale, Ghana

Back to School:

The school has re-opened and all the students reported back after they have gone on a break to see their families and the congregations while they also harvested their food crops on their farms.

Classes are ongoing and every activity is busy going on as it is expected. The students are very busy with their academic work and on the more serious note the instructors are taking their instructional time into consideration making sure that the teaching and learning meet the expectation.

Administrative Activities:

The management team is seriously working as usual within their means to make sure that all the Churches of Christ in the Northern Ghana come on board to raise the image of the school. With this plan, a regular visitation program is made. It is planned that our past students are visited and discuss the progress of the work. We are also putting more good plans in place to secure the integrity of the school. In this plan too the students as well as the past students are advised and encouraged to always live as the disciples of Jesus.

Repair works/needs:

There are some repair and replacement works to be done. Some doors need to be replaced. The toilets walls need to be plastered and painted and all the water closets need to be replaced. We also need water storage tank so we can have enough water all the time.   

Your borther,

Alex Jabado

Posted on February 1, 2018 .