Students evangelism in Zimbabwe

The year is coming to an end. Students have completed their second term of learning. This term was dedicated to the increase evangelistic experience from the field and cement students into the subjects that were under consideration. These and more are covered here.


We ended the term successfully. Examinations were written and grading is in progress. Our appreciation goes to the students for the hard work. We also thank the teachers who worked tirelessly to make this a success. These teachers include I. Mutichu, M. Muchingami, P. Toperesu, H. Suwari and D. Estep. The following subjects were completed successfully;



Gospel of John                       

OT History                           


Entrepreneurship Skills Development


Book of Acts


On the 7th and 9th of November we had brothers Stewart Nyarugwe and Tendai Jana to share their experiences. These men have been in the field for many years. Their experiences provided practical lessons to the young men and women.



The tomatoes we planted on a small space available went on sale on the 2nd November. We had a ready market for the crop. This project provided worthy experience to students. The crop was under drip irrigation. We appreciate Healing Hands International that provided skills to the students in the use of drip technology. We had a ready market for the crop. Besides meeting our kitchen requirements, a total of $510 was realised from the sale. This is one project we hope to undertake on a bigger scale at our permanent site. Drip equipment will be needed.


We were unable to start other batches of the project. It has been difficult to get the chicks. We have been on the waiting list for over a month. Once we get the chicks, the project will continue.


Weekend evangelism continued  within Gweru in the first two weeks. This component has been providing more experience to the students. Students are distributed to different areas. Between 1-5 November, 5 students went to Ndabazinduna for evangelism whilst others were in Gweru. We closed the term with another week of evangelism. Older and experienced preachers in Harare were also available to provide the much needed experience. Our appreciation goes to the hosting congregations for providing accommodation and food to the students. Sermons and lessons were taught to the church whilst evangelism was the order of the day. 7 souls were added to the lord.


We thank God for what He enabled us to do in November. Lessons were taught both in class, in churches and in the field. Souls were added to the church and projects continued, though in a small way. To God be the glory!

Mathew Muchingam

Director, BVBI-Z

Posted on December 18, 2018 .