Growth in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren,

We thank God for bringing us thus far since the starting of this year. We must agree that many had slept on the way during this journey but for the sake of the Gospel preaching we are spared by His grace. As God begins with us, may He ends with us for the rest of the year 2018. May we live to see the New Year in Jesus’ name? Amen.


In a meeting held with  Steven Ashcraft, we have come together for a possible extension of our program for another quarter which will take us to March ending next year. This is to allow students to cover more of their practical Hermeneutical and Homiletical skills. This period will cover public speaking, door to door, indoor teachings, mostly to be done by students. We have already started with student teaching students in class. Our lecturers assesses their skills and presentation of Lectureship.


a)     This will lead to some experiential sharing from students about lessons learnt either at school or from their various congregations.

b)    Extra learning and practical work done will serve as room for improvement to the students.

c)     Students will be well equipped with the word after going through this extension period.  

d)    The potential student can be spotted for future classroom teaching in the school. That is to say the best student can be seen and utilize in our next program.

STUDENTS OUTREACH: Villages around Tilorma and Kamara Town has been targeted by our students in spreading the Gospel message from house to house on every weekend. Personal work by students wins soul for Christ in these vicinity. However, because of the distant between villages from where we planted the congregation, makes it difficult to maintain those souls won for Christ. In some of these villages, however we are trying to find strategies to encourage them to come over at the newly planted congregation to worship on Sundays. Every village is calling for a congregation to be planted.

COPING STRATEGIES IN THESE VILLAGES.  Teaching new converts in their homes, Learning them songs, mobile preaching, by sharing the word through tracks, Bible lessons, and Mega phone.

Feeding children on campaign undertaken in these villages along side with our gospel preaching.


Increase of members on Sunday worship service with more children than before. Vulnerable children are seen coming in their numbers on Sunday church worship.


At the last meeting of inter-congregations, the Director met with church leaders on the issue of student requirements for the school including qualification for teachers to teach at the school.


 Members in the meeting suggested that Bear Valley Bible Institute should in-cooperate agriculture farming in the curriculum to help preachers to be independent. 


This concerned was noted on behalf of the Regional coordinator and will discuss that when necessary.

This has been a concerned also raised by the on going students during their training program.


The churches promised to put hands on deck and assist the school in the area of sending preachers to be trained and also help with Lecturers to teach at the school. The meeting was adjourned to next year, January 2019.


Our student profile for this month is Bob Williams the oldest preacher among the students. Bob was born at Taiama Town in a village called Bambuibu. He is married with 4 children and 3 grand children. Bob is a preacher in his church and decided to come for more training in the things of God.

He was baptized in Taiama during the 80s. He is one of the oldest members in his congregation. He is admired and respected for his zealousness by colleagues.


The work at Kenema is growing gradually as we have added two young congregations in the churches at Kenema. There is a possibility of planting more congregations in Kenema but there is need for more students coming from Kenema to be trained so that these congregations will not die with time after planting them due to lack of  Sheppard. Please help us in your prayers to get more laborers for the harvest in his vineyard.

Thank you.

Submitted by Ishmael

Posted on December 18, 2018 .