Evangelism in Ukraine

Dear brethren,

I'd like to share with you the news about our Bible Institute and some local congregations of the Church of Christ.

First of all, I need to clarify some details about the book publishing project. Jim Mettenbrink asked me to do so. He is not the author of the book that was published in Bela Tserkva. The Commentary on Isaiah was written by Homer Hailey and Robert Harkrider.

In October our first-year students had Christian Apologetics (Instructor Albert Bagdasaryan) and Hermeneutics (Dennis Sopelnik). The second-year students had Intertestamental Period (Dennis Sopelnik) and Minor Prophets (Andrew Zhuravlev).

Currently our students have a week of evangelism practice. They return to their local congregations and help the ministry of the Church. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to get real life knowledge of interacting with people in the church ministry. Ruslan Gaevsky and Oleg Fofanov went back to their home town of Konstantinovka where they work with the local congregation. They teach classes and do street evangelism. Our students Rosa, Lena and Masha went to Kramatorsk and Slovyansk to work with children. Eldjune Aliev who is a first year student managed to visit more than one congregation in Poltava and Kamenskoe. He does a good job encouraging the church members and many brethren are very thankful for his help. We made a few efforts of street evangelism in Bela Tserkva as well. People were curious, they would come and look at the Biblical literature, ask questions about the Church and promise to come but fail to keep the promise.

This week we host the Masters Program at the church building. This is the last in-class session for our future graduates. As far as I understand the big picture we have three graduates from Masters program in the upcoming year Uriy Romanov, Bogdan Chigvintsev and Dmitry Kuropiatnikov. I will try to involve them in the program upon their graduation, encourage them to help us out in the capacity of Instructors. During the 3 years of study they proved to be diligent students with good grades and they all have desire to use their talents in the Kingdom.

I'd like to request your prayers for Sveta who has been a regular visitor in the church for the last six months. We will schedule more specific Bible study on her personal salvation. Her daughter Katia and she come to all church activities and try to live Christian life. We introduced them to the Word of God gradually and now we need to encourage her to make the most important decision so she will have eternal life with God.

In November and December we usually have Ukrainian Instructors. These are the colder months of the year and it's reasonable to use local preachers and teachers. Beginning November 12 we start the second quarter that will end on December 21.

May God continue to bless you. Greetings to all churches, individual brothers and sisters who help us in our Ministry.

Your brother and co-worker,

Dennis Sopelnik.

Posted on November 24, 2018 .