Challenges and opportunities in Zimbabwe



The month of October has been a very difficult one for the country. When the new minister of Finance presented his monetary policy review which included 2% transfer tax on all transactions prices shot up within a few days. This also saw basic commodities including fuel disappearing from the market because of price uncertainties.. The school was not spared either as it exists in this environment. However, These commodities are slowly coming back on the market but with an increased price. But by and large, BVBIZ sailed through the month and we thank God for taking us this far despite these challenges even as we continue to seek for your prayers. The following are noteworthy;


Classes are progressing well. Three courses have so far been completed successfully. These are Books of Acts, Galatians, Godhead  and Entrepreneurship Skills Development. Our appreciation goes to Brothers’ Donnie Estep, Howard Suwari, Ishmael Mutichu and Panganai Toperesu for taking the students through these subjects. The other subjects are still on-going and will be completed in due course. These are;

Denominational Doctrines      l. Mutichu & M.Muchingami

Homiletics                              M.Muchingami

Hermeneutics                          M.Muchingami

Gospel of John                        I.Mutichu

OT History                              I.Mutichu

Godhead                                  I.Mutichu


BVBIZ was blessed to have Donnie Estep, our regional Director,  from the 7th to the 12th of October. He had an intensive program. During his visit, he taught the Book of Acts daily. It was indeed a blessing to have him around. From Gweru, Donnie proceeded to Dzivarasekwa, in Harare, where he taught students on the extended program for two days. He taught a section of the Prison Epistles. This class started in January and will complete their second term soon.


The new class is now ready for full scale evangelism. Besides the normal weekend evangelism and field program, the school has also introduced a week long campaign. These campaigns can be done twice per term. Since the students will be having their teachers with them, some classes will be done whilst in the field. Those wishing to benefit from the program need to meet the cost of food and accommodation.


On the 28th of September, students and teachers travelled to Mazowe for a week long evangelism Campaign. Mazowe is a mining and farming community. It was a moment for students to put into practice the theory learnt in class. The students were also opportuned to learn from other senior preachers from Harare who came to Mazowe on the 3rd and 4th of October. These were Brothers Jana, Botoman, Mukondwa and Mhindirira. Our great appreciation goes to them.

Several methods were used at Mazowe. Most of the houses were reached with the word as students moved in pairs. Services were also held every evening where the community was invited to attend. Each day saw many thronging the venue of the services. Several came for prayers and counselling. Brother Panganai Toperesu also came for an intrepreneurship skills development workshop which was also meant to benefit both the community and students. From all these efforts, 17 souls were added to the church.

Our appreciation goes to the local preacher, Lovemore Manyanhaire and his family for their sacrifices in feeding the students. We also appreciate some students on Harare’s extended class for sponsoring the program.


Several other efforts were also done in Gweru and outside Gweru. Some students had a weekend in Chivhu and others at Mupfure church of Christ. Weekend evangelism in Gweru continued well. On the 27th of October, the students joined youths who converged at Mkoba 17 church of Christ for an evangelism outreach around the area. They provided worthy guidance to the youths who went around the area sharing the message of the cross. All these efforts saw 7 souls being baptized. This brings the total number of those who were baptized in the month to 24. To God be the glory!


Students shall complete their term with another one week campaign in two places. Students shall be subdivided into two groups and each will be having a teacher with them. Areas under consideration shall be Westgate and Kambuzuma. Another area shall be Ndabazinduna where few students shall spent three days evangelising the area from the 1st to the 4th of November. Weekend evangelism in Gweru will continue as normal. Please keep praying for these young men as they penetrate society with the saving message of Christ.


The school would want to extend her profound gratitude to Brother Lawrence Chipunza for donating a desktop computer for use by students. It came at the right time. We also thank those who continue to extend their hand financially and in kind. May God continue to bless you all.

5.0 LAND

Great news! We have finally been given papers for the land we had been anticipating for long. Developments can now start on the land. Our activities including projects will need to be shifted there gradually when conditions permit. The land is 6 hectares and is located  at the outskirts of Gweru. We shall be writing more about this in the next reports.


As we look back into the past month, we give all glory and honour to God for taking us this far. The progress made with the curriculum, in evangelism, to donations and land all show God’s guidance in this endevour. The presence of you’re your support financially and in kind always propel BVBIZ to greater heights. To God be the glory!

Your brother,

Mathew Muchingam

Director, BVBI-Z

Posted on November 24, 2018 .