A well rounded program in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus.

 Greetings from staff and students of BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN and fellow WBSFUW in Western State of Nigeria.

i. Evangelised Jago,Kupalo and Asejire on October.

ii.Practical week: October 22-26

iii.Vocational Training begins on October 27-November 23,2018

iv. Second semester classes begins on November 26,2018 Lord's willing.

2. SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: We have succeeded in repairing the South West Nursery and Primary school's van to our taste.

3. EVANGELISM : The staff and students and co-WBSFUW  evangelised at Jago and Kupalo village of Ona-Ara Local Government Area of Oyo State in the evening of  October 13 & 20,2018 and Asejire-Osun State on October 19-21. Three souls were added to the Lord's church in Asejire and two in Jago /Kupalo on October 20,2018

4. ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Olugbenga Ebenezer Ojo is one of our year two students.Born in year 1960 in Ife-Osun State. Added to the Lord's church in 2015 during our August annual Bible Lectureship and graduation. His mind is to serve the Lord in the Western state of Nigeria after his graduation on August 2019 Lord's willing.

5. OTHER COMMENTS: I taught on Godhead in the Sundays on the month of October using Bro.Jerry Bates book on Godhead at Oniyere-Ibadan,Isheri Oshun-Lagos state,Mile12 -Lagos and Agege congregation-Lagos state.

 A fellow WBSFUW and one of the major recipients of VOTI named Bro.M.B.Archiborn  reported the conversion of five souls as a result of the WBS seminar held in the Lord's church where he is ministering .

 CONCLUSION: We are very grateful for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord's church in Africa and the world as a whole. May the good God we are serving continue to bless all our works together in Jesus Christ name, amen.

I remain your fellow soldier of Christ,

MAKINDE Ebenezer Olufemi( Director of Studies & WBSFUW)

Posted on November 24, 2018 .