Muslim conversions in Guinea

Brethren, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute, Gueckedou has successfully accomplished the required activities for the month of September 2018. Our gospel radio broadcast continues to attract the attention of the people whose reactions for a greater part is encouraging! The personal evangelism program was also successful in making Heaven rejoice when 3 souls were converted. Below are some details of these and other activities conducted in September summarized under sub-headings.

Classroom: Again, all 17 students went through the period and attended all the required courses for the month of September which was the conclusion of our third quarter classes.

The students’ devotional preaching schedule remains as in the previous months. Namely,  6am, 10am and 8pm.

Our Dean had work hard to help ensure that courses initially assigned to bro Philip Tolno who has been sick were all covered. The brother himself has now returned from Conakry though not yet strong enough to resume work.

EvangelismThree souls accepted the Lord in baptism. Two of them had started visiting the church for a while plus one who made just a brief visit were all baptized in the month of September.

Brief History of the Converted Muslim -The Lord’s hand against the chief persecutor

The young man, Moses who was converted from Islam in August has been experiencing family rejection, persecution and threats. Brother Moses had been driven from the home of his younger brother’s guardian, Mr Alagi Salu where he had attempted to introduce the gospel. He had been driven and so returned to his mother some 400 klm away, but the persecutor was not satisfied. He launched a threat that he would not rest till one of them depart (dies) this world. Coming to Mamou, where our brother was Mr Alagi encouraged an assembly of family members against Moses so that he (Moses) was insulted, slapped, etc. But this persecutor, Mr. Alagi on his return to Conakry was involved in a vehicle accident and he died on the spot. Fear came upon many!  We are finding ways for brother Moses and his younger brother, Sarju to come to Gueckedou. Please pray for them and their remaining family to see “this truth”.

Air time Radio preaching: Evangelism by the air continues to draw the attention of truth seekers. One young man, Adrien left some 20 klm to come to Gueckedou to see us. We had a good time of Bible discussion. He returned that day, but when he came back the second time Adrien was baptize after the worship on 30th September. Still another young man here in Gueckedou has started to visit the church and we have accepted his invitation to visit his family as soon as he himself returns from the farm.

Conclusion: We are grateful to God and appreciate the Bear Valley supporter for helping us train laborers for the Lord. Our appreciation to brother Steven who supported our travel mission to participate in the Ganta graduation. The Lord protected us through the bad roads! Please remember the Muslim young man, Moses and his younger brother in your prayers.

Yours in Christ.


Posted on October 30, 2018 .