A special guest in Zambia

We bring warm greetings from Luanshya, Zambia to you Brothers and Sisters!

It is always a great pleasure to write and inform you brethren in this report about what is happening here at Bear Valley Bible Institute-Zambia.

The month of October started on a very high note.  We had Brother Donnie Estep who came and taught the students from 1st October to 5th October 2018. Brother Donnie taught the Prison letters. It is always a great delight to have Brother Donnie come over and teach. We forever look forward to his visit. He is a great encouragement not only to us but to all our students. And all his visits will indeed make an indelible impression on the work of the Lord in this part of the world.

The students are on long break. The break started on 12th October, 2018. This allowed our students to go back home in good time for farming activities. The early rains have already started in some parts of Zambia. November and December are months that the rain is expected to be in full swing here in Zambia.

Gilbert Mulubwa one of our students, reports from Chiengi district in Luapula Province that three members of the Church perished on Luapula River. These members were from his congregation who wanted to cross and go on the other side of Luapula River to visit their relatives. Transportation remains a challenge to most of the people living in some of these areas. They sorely depend on water transportation. We pray for God’s comfort and strength to the bereaved families during this difficult time. We are planning to have on evangelistic campaign in this district next year.

On the other good news, we would like to announce the birth of the New family in the house of the Lord. The entire family that is, husband and wife including their lovely daughter were on 21/10/18 put on Christ. Mathew Sampa and Lilian Sampa and their Daughter Brender are the new born babies in the Lord.  We also had two Old women in their late sixties restored back to sheepfold of the Lord on 7th October, Matha Mubanga and Grace Chanda both of the same compound here in Luanshya had wondered away for the past thirteen years from the Lord and now they are back and active. On 27th October brother Cephas Mwamba Spoke on a funeral of the late Pilius Mwewa of Mikomfwa at the graveyard two members were restored back making the total number of restoration to four (4). We would also like to mention Joseph Musonda one of our former students, he is doing recommendable work for the Lord while working as a bricklayer to keep his family. He is currently enrolled at Mansa Trades Training Institute to advance his building career.

Frederick Mwansa one of our students from Luapula has also continued to heal from his swollen knee. And he prays to join the rest of his fellow students next quarter. Fredrick injured himself after coming from the school campaigns in Mansa, Luapula Province. His injury caused him to miss most of the classes. But he is very much eager to return and continue where he had left. This can also be said about Stanley Masambani who happens to be the oldest student at school. Immediately after coming back from Luapula campaigns, Stanley’s daughter became critically unwell in Lusaka. She was consequently admitted to University Teaching Hospital. Stanley rushed there to be with his daughter. This caused him to miss most of the classes. His daughter has completely recovered, and Stanley looks forward to join his fellow students in the next quarter. He has expressed his gratitude to all the brethren for the thoughts and prayers offered during his daughter’s illness

The rest of our students continue to fare very well in the service of the Lord in their respective congregations. As administration of the school, we will be visiting some of these congregations as a way of encouragement to them.

We are sincerely grateful to Woodland Oaks for the financial support given to the school. We also thank you, brethren, for all the prayers and every encouraging word given for the work here in Zambia. May God richly bless all of you!


Cephas and Fred

Posted on October 30, 2018 .