A change of location in Malawi


Greetings from Malawi! I hope this finds everyone while enjoying God’s blessings. We, the Bear Valley Bible Institute - Malawi, want to inform all people that the school has been relocated from the Mzuzu Bible campus to Ekwendeni which is 21km north of Mzuzu. This has been done in order to allow both schools work much more effectively. It has been a good partnership with Mzuzu Bible College, and as we are moving out from the campus, only the place has changed, but we still remain united in the same purpose. This move is with effect from the 31, October, 2018. Saving souls and training men to be faithful preachers is what both schools are aiming at. This news has been gladly received by the whole staff of Mzuzu Bible College and all the students. 

Student’s classes and Holiday!

The calendar of the school is always February to May being in class, and the whole months of June they leave for holiday. This is the first semester, which end up with a gospel campaign in the last week of May. From the holiday, July to October we are in classes, but still having campaigns in the last week of August and last week of September. We do the campaigning work as part of student’s practical work while at school, and this is part of their credit while they receive their training at the college. Right now our students are on holiday until the first week of February, 2019.  The next enrollment will be just after the graduation next year October.

The classes were very good and lot of courses has been completed. About 19 courses have been accomplished. We are looking forward to our Malawi school second graduation next year. Many things have been achieved this year; registration of the school, the new bank account opened under the BV constitution, the salvation for about 193 souls and many more. We thank God for everything. We are asking you brethren to put us and the Lord's work in your prayers as the apostle Paul also wrote to the church of Thessalonians; 2 Thessalonians 3:1-2.

We thank all those who are always willing to support this work. You need to understand that we value your support and many prayers you offer for this work. Without you, nothing would have been accomplished. Eternity Is Forever, Think Souls!

Ephron Vincent Mbano (Director) - On behalf of Bear Valley Malawi staff.

Posted on October 30, 2018 .