Grand Opening in Mbanga!

Dear Brethren,

It is so sweet to work in the vineyard of the Lord. Greetings to all our family members out there. We are doing great in Cameroon and all is well with the Church and the school of preaching.

Beloved brethren, the first picture is with brother Benjamin who is a graduate from our school. He was in the first batch of students and this was his last service with our congregation. Benjamin is making his way back to Tchad with his family. He is married and the father of a son and a daughter. He is planning to settle back in the capital city of Njamena to begin evangelizing some localities in and around the city. Beloved, it was long ago when they left their country of Tchad to settle in to Cameroon as refuges.  Now they are going back to begin a new life of preaching the gospel. I believe that our prayers will be very urgent and very helpful in this new beginning for them.

Picture 2 is with some instructors and their wives who attended the inauguration ceremony in Mbanga for our new campus which was funded by the Frisco Church of Christ with the collaboration of our Coordinator David Ballard and the Pattonville Church of Christ where he preaches. The ceremony was marvelous!  As you can see, there is a lot of mud in the hall as there was a lot of rain and a lot of people present on that Sunday morning. 

Picture 3 gives us the smile of the preacher, myself, Ititi Benedict after the whole event is over. The hall is ready to be washed to come back at it initial stage beauty. The fellowship and opening ceremony was a huge success. We had two of our quarter-heads present as well as two of the block-heads present. A representative of the chief of the village was also there. God has blessed us to be neighbors as we are next door to the personal residence of the chief. A lot of other people in the town were present and even though there were heavy rains that morning, many other members of the church from other congregations were present including our sister school in Wotutu.

The school of preaching in Mbanga has gone through with its final exams for the quarter. We are taking our last short course which is β€œThe New Testament Church.” This began today as well as the first preacher wives class. These will be going on at the same time. The one is in the church premises with the students. Ename is the lecturer. 

The women are in the school campus with Brother Norbert teaching and Brother Giress as the interpreter because we have some wives who speak only English, some wives who speak only French, and some wives speak both. The wife of Evaristus from Bafoussam is here. The wife of Rromario from WEH in Bamenda is here. The wife of Victor and the wife of Raul who came all the away from Garoua are right here. My wife Mary, the wife of Yakoba, and the wife of Philip are here. Due to the rains this early morning, the wife of Abraham and the wife of Bea are not here yet. Maybe by tomorrow they all will come.

The students are greatly improving in their health situation, even though Azor went to Douala last week to get an x-ray his foot. Today we are waiting to see if the doctor will be proposing surgery for him or if he will just prescribe him some drugs to take. 

   By His grace, we shall be going out for field work this weekend to 10 villages in French speaking areas. 


                        Thanks for your concern and keep on praying for them.

                                                     Ititi Benedict

Posted on September 12, 2017 .