Plans and progress in Sierra Leone

Hello brethren.

We are very grateful to all of you, who in diverse ways support the mission of the work here in Sierra Leone. May God richly bless you for your relentless efforts towards the school.  May our Lord continue to keep you from danger and tribulation wherever you are as the days are evil.

Number of students

Presently, we have 17 students in school one has been hospitalized undergoing medical treatment.

Campaign for Christ: Campaign for this quarter is cancelled due to heavy rain fall in our areas of activities. We have rescheduled the campaign after the end of the rains in October. School will be closing down for the third quarter on the 17th September, and reopens on the 9th October, for the fourth quarter of school.

Achievements: We have made some strides in soul winning campaign and restorations as follows:

In Kailahun at the Levuma church of Christ we won 21 souls for Christ.

In Kenema churches of Christ we are strengthening their membership with new converts

In our campus ministry in Kenema, we have added four souls through baptism.

Students were restoring church members during holidays in various localities in their villages.

They were baptizing members and adding them to churches of Christ in their villages.

We have introduced computer studies in our curriculum with the help of cash donation from our sponsors. We intend to offer an additional class for members in the churches of Christ comes next year.

Thank you,


Posted on September 11, 2017 .