Successful campaign in Cameroon

Accept our sincere greetings from Cameroon and from Mbanga in particular where the Church is operating a Bear Valley school of preaching. We are sorry for this late coming of our report for the week. We had no power since Monday. Nevertheless we suspended our classes for five good days in order to meet up with the Macedonian call. This time around at it was Ashum village situated along the Kumba to Manfe road. We participated massively during this great campaign with some ex-students, the present students and myself along with a few others who were interested and followed us with the van.

We worked tirelessly with in the space of five days as well as the ran the vans drivers who were transporting the laborers from one village to another. We evangelized a total of four villages. There was a fifth village which was not included but we went there with Elangwe and made some ready prospects for evangelism which by His grace some students who might be going there will one day put them on track.

Just as the Lord added on the day of Pentecost, so too He added about 55 souls last week and restored about 15 members. The majority of these backsliders were from Eyang village where a congregation of the saints has been restored. This is the highest record in Cameroon after the Kwa Kwa records of 54 some years ago.

Our greatest desire is to manage these new converts and these revived members of Eyang.

I was also opportune to preach during this program and also carried out translation as some French speaking people were around. I also went into the stream myself to conduct some baptisms at night.

Your brother,


Posted on August 15, 2017 .