Rainy season in Cameroon

Dear Brethren,

We bring greetings from Cameroon in Africa. We are reporting all the way from Mbanga, in the Bear Valley School of preaching. It is great to work in the vineyard of the LORD were Christ has given us the power to preach His word. Jesus said, "Go and make disciples." We are glad to be part of that great commission. We shall keep on doing His will until Christ comes again.

Our work in the school of preaching and the assembly are still alive and with soundness of mind. Due to some inconveniences, we are sending this report a bit late. Tiredness and fatigue have been in us since yesterday. We reached home late at night and after traveling a very strenuous route on foot from Nkoka to Mboukoh, with very heavy rains, in a very thick forest, and then down very muddy roads. But, we thank our God that we made it home safely.

Our weekend was characterized with the burial of the remains of the mother of evangelist Mokou Bernard who is an instructor in our school of preaching and also a the preacher of the Nkongsamba Church of Christ. She died at age of about 105 years. Even though she could not walk out any more for worship, she was a faithful Christian.    

We decided to go to that village earlier not only to prepare the ground physically, but also spiritually. It is where we spent much time doing evangelism and making a lot of prospects. Some even came to confess their sins. We are creating more awareness to the people of that village. Tracks and Bibles were distributed to some both in French and English. A few other brethren traveled to other fields for mission work and also came back home successfully.  

The students are growing, and especially now that we have started the course Homiletics. Reports from some members of congregation where the students are preaching show appreciation for the growth as to compare to what and how they were preaching some weeks ago in the last quarter. A teacher will always want to know that the students are doing well. Let us always put them in our prayers.

We are in the rainy season in Cameroon and everywhere for us to travel now is a difficult task since most of our roads are earth roads. Places are also really cold out there these days so our students now dress with thick dresses.

 We are using our new site permanently. Our lighting system is shining already so we have stopped buying fuel for the generator on daily basis. We only keep it ready so that when there is no power we can turn it on.

Our next mission will be coming up this weekend around the frontier of the western region in the Adamawa region. This region is even made up of a lot of Muslims. The Lord shall add those who become His in his own to His church. This might be the first time that the church is going to that area. If it works out well, then we shall be there if we can get there. But if not, then when places are dried up a bit, the work will be carried out.

Your brother,


Posted on July 25, 2017 .