New students and a new van in India

Greetings to you in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ our saviour. Hope this message finds you all good. I bring greetings from the students of Visakha Valley Bible college.

By the grace of God and your kind support, we have finally bought the Van for the Preaching School. We had to wait for a longer period than we thought. However, we have successfully purchased this Mahindra Supro, it’s small Van that can carry 8 people. However we can carry at lest 11 people including the driver. 

We praise and glory to God, It all happened according to the time I suppose, because right now we have couple of students who lives in the suburb of Viskahapatnam who can drive as well. So, they are very excited about this van meant for the purpose of taking the Preaching Students to different places as part of evangelism. We are very blessed with the addition of this new vehicle. Definitely it is going to be a big help in reaching out ministry.

We are so thankful to all the brethren Lake Houston, especially brother J.Y. Brown for corresponding with me about the funds and purchase of this Gospel Chariot.  We do thank the Elders and Mission Committee for being so kind towards helping us fulfilling this need. It is going to help hold lot of mission programs that would bring more people to the true Church, we praise God for this Van.

Recently we travelled to a village where brother Suresh, one of our graduate is preaching. He is actually working in two different places. On the 23rd of last month he invited us to attend the Preachers Fellowship meeting, where he invited the local congregation and also preachers around.

We are thankful to God for blessing the efforts of our graduates. Brother M. Rama Rao reporting a couple being baptized into Christ for the remission of their sins. We rejoice with the newly added souls to the Church.

We have begun the fresh batch classes, Class of 2017-19. Right now we have 11 students enrolled, few more coming by the end of this month. We are very excited to see the good number of students being enrolled, hopefully it will be a big size group this year.

We thank the brethren at Strickland, MS for overseeing the work, we do thank them for helping us their part in running the preaching school also forwarding the funds. We convey our heartfelt gratitude to the Church at lake Houston for the new Van, we love you all so much. We appreciate all your prayers and encouragements, may God receive the glory and honour.

In Christ,

M. Samuel Rau, Director

John Dean M, Dean
Visakha Valley Bible College

Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Posted on July 12, 2017 .