Celebrating a great 1st year in Zimbabwe!

BVBIZ opened doors to her first students on the 6th of June 2016. It is now a year. The road has not been easy but we thank God for what God has continued to do, especially seeing us though the past 12 months. This has been a learning curve and we are hoping that the next 12 months will see BVBIZ rising to a higher level in several fronts.  We also remain grateful to all who partnered with us, one way or another, in the past year.

All areas, except one, where students will be going to, were visited and successfully surveyed in the month of June. The task was to prepare congregations for the program and for them to appreciate how the program operates. In the process, we had to see the accommodation where students will be using for the 8 weeks.  It was indeed a busy month.

There is no church at Chikuku (150km South of Mutare along the Mutare-Masvingo Highway). We are hoping to start a new congregation in the area. Two students shall be deployed there. On the other hand, a congregation once existed at Insukamin (20km West of Gweru). It stopped existing 3 years ago. BVBIZ shall work in the area during the 8 week period. We hope to resuscitate the work.

Each congregation will be expected to provide accommodation and meet the food requirements of students.  Separate arrangements have been made for Chikuku and Insukamini. About $1000, outside the school’s budget shall be needed on the part of the school for the program to run smoothly. BVBIZ seeks help on this. The money will be used for the following;

Surveying of areas and preparing congregations (this has already been done and will be reported in the July statement)

·         Travelling of students to centres and back

·         Travelling of teachers and their subsistence when away

·         Back up in terms of food and toiletries

Your borther,

Mathew Munchingam, Director BVBI-Z

Posted on July 12, 2017 .