An update from Accra

Warm greetings from the entire teaching staff and non-teaching and the students from Ghana to brethren in the United States. The same greetings are extended to our friends who continue to read our report from the internet.

The Lord had made it again. He has taken us through the first six months of the year 2017. Hopefully, He would see most of us to the end of the year. Amen.

Management together with some of the students paid a visit to the school land only to found out that the former land owner was now farming on it. As a result of this, the plans that our students would be farming on it, had been rescheduled to the next season. However, management had asked him to stop his project after this season.

Since the school is yet to make use of the land, to some of us, the farming the former owner is doing on it, is a blessing in disguise. Had it not been so, someone else would have capitalized on the situation on hand for something else.

It would be recalled that the present group of students were able to establish the Lord's church at Satellite near Kutunse, about twenty-five minutes drive from the campus. During the month under review, the entire twelve students body teamed up with eight other preachers to do a follow-up campaign to strengthen the brethren there.

Besides this, the brethren went for house-house evangelism and tracts distributions on the streets. This campaign started from 13th to 18th June. A week long programme. While all these were going on, these campaigners were being "blessed" with heavy down pour of rainfall. Hence no picture were taken. On the last day, being the Lord's Day, brethren met for the first time in their own building (shed) to worship.

As I would term, those rains during the week were showers of blessings. Five (5) baptisms were recorded. Besides the baptisms, a couple who had moved to the area introduced themselves as members of the church. They had been in town for some weeks without knowing the church was in town. The couple worshipped with the church on that Sunday.

Brother Steven Ashcraft was in Ghana during the month of June. As such he held a fruitful meeting with the teaching staff, namely: Emmanuel Odeng Larbi, Kojo Acquah Beenyi, Kwabena Gyan-Mante and Emmanuel Amoo-Gyimah. The director of school Brother Seth Osae Largo was present.

Recorded by: Emmanuel Amoo-Gyimah

Posted on July 12, 2017 .