29 baptisms in Ghana

Dear Brethren,

Trust you are all doing well. We are glad to report to you our operating for the month of May/June, 2017. We are thankful for God for His blessings during the period, and very grateful to our sponsors for keeping faith with us.


Classroom work for the month of May went on successfully for both the regular and part time students. We went on break in the second week of the month (May, 2017). Before the break, there was an end of term examination. All the students participated.


Before we went on vacation the students were instructed to attach themselves to congregation in their area and do some evangelism. They were instructed to bring back upon reopening their reports, including pictures of studies and baptisms. All instructors also did same. A total number of twenty-nine (29) souls were baptized in these exercises. 


During the month of June, one of our regular students’ father passed on. We delegated some instructors and students to represent the school at the funeral. A donation of GHC 200 was made to the student, Solomon Essah.

We thank you all for your prayer and great concerned for the work here. May the good Lord richly bless you all.


Posted on July 12, 2017 .