New students in India

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Greetings to you in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ our saviour. By the grace of God we are all doing good. We are thankful to you all for your prayers towards the Preaching School in Visakha. We do thank you brethren for your part in training our men to carryout the gospel to the lost millions. We appreciate you all once again for your prayers towards the health of Bro. M. Samuel Raju who is the Director of the school/College. We give glory and honour to our mighty God for His mercy being shown upon him and blessed him with good health. Kindly continue your prayers.

Brethren, Kindly allow me to update you all about what’s going on with us at Visakha Valley Bible College.

Gospel OutReach: We receive reports that our students are doing tremendous job of evangelism in various places of their districts. They are conducting gospel campaigns and gospel meetings. They are also doing door knocking campaigns and personal bible studies. As a result people are being added to the Church. Our students are blessed to receive some valuable gospel tools as a gift at the time of their graduation. Thankfully enough we were able to do the same this time with the help of the brethren at Strickland Church of Christ. We have given each of the graduate a Bicycle and a Rechargeable Mega phone. What a joy it is to see those tools are being used in the mission field. Some of the previous batch students who have not received them are trying to buy a megaphone for themselves, some are asking if we can help them in anyway with a Rechargeable Megaphone. Hope our Lord provides. In addition to the mission efforts of our students we also continue to attend & conduct Bible classes, Gospel meetings in various places of our state.  

New Admissions:

After the summer break is over we are in the process of obtaining the applications from the students who wants to enroll in the two year Preacher Training College. Some of the students who shown interest to join in the school has attended our Future Preacher Training program conducted at Skinner’s Garden. This has given us an opportunity give them an understanding of how the training is going to be. I would say its an orientation program. 8 of the students have filled their applications, they will be meeting us at the school on Monday 12th June for taking the admission test and also to provide the required information for the admission in the training program.

Brethren, thank you all so much for being part of this wonderful program, we cannot imagine doing this without your part. We continue to strive for His cause, we would appreciate your prayers, Thanking you.

In Christ, 

M. Samuel Raju, Director

M. John Dean, Dean

Posted on June 19, 2017 .