A short report from Mbanga

The students of the bear valley preaching school in Mbanga just finished a month of intensive studies and will be preparing for for their first exams by the end of this month. They will immediately begin with their short courses and we shall soon finish the first quarter.

One of the students from Chad has been sick, but attending classes and just recently his child also fell sick. Please  keep on pray for him. We started with the prison ministry this week and Bro Evaristus went yesterday with Nicolas for the prison ministry. Some were out for week end evangelism as usual like those of them who are or were good orators before coming to school.

We will be traveling to Bamenda this weekend with some students for the preachers forum. We are also planning for a mass evangelism in Ntiem where Abraham is working and establish a new congregation in his village at Sanke.

With many thanks and remain blessed from,


Posted on May 8, 2017 .