Campaign success in Ghana

Dear Brethren,

          We are happy to report to you our operating for the month of April, 2017. We are thankful for God for His immense blessing during the period, and very grateful to our sponsors for keeping faith with us.


          Classroom work for both our regular and part time work went on successfully. All thirteen (13) regular students and thirteen (13) part time students were in attendance during the period. There was a terminal examination which all the students participated. This was for both regular and part time students.


          As indicated in our last report, follow-ups continue on our last campaign for Christ at Essipon by both instructors and students with much assistance from the church at Essipon. This and other evangelism efforts resulted in the baptism of eight (8) souls for the period. Attached are pictures showing some baptisms.

We thank you all for your prayer and great concerned for the work here. We pray the good Lord richly bless you and all of yours.

Your brother,


Posted on May 30, 2017 .