Big plans in Cameroon

Jesus Christ is Lord. We praise His name. Special greetings from our country Cameroon and from Mbanga were the church is gradually going to maturity and the school of preaching is preparing brothers for a lovely ministry entrusted to us by the almighty God.

We are happy to report again this week even though a bit late due to other circumstances beyond our control but we thank God for His grace. We are happy to say we no longer have two years in school and no longer eight quarters, because we have gone through our first two months in school and have started with our first quarter exams. We will begin with short courses come Monday 5th of June.

It has not been easy with our students most especially with the change of season. Right now we a retired nurse from our neighborhood is taking care of two of them with their dally treatment. Some students are also been traumatized due to numerous call back at home which might hinder their studies if care is not taken. We shall need serious prayers on behalf of this brothers.

David will be teaching on the God Head this June in Mbanga and we shall also be planning for a grand evangelism at ntiem or nsanke where Abraham is working presently. This is an extension of his work that is to establish a new assembly in that area may be he will now have three congregations while waiting for the next batch to graduates and help him in that area were there is a lot of work. God blessed you.

It is again time for to prepare our entry into our new side even though some little delayed,we strongly believed that by the end on this quarter,all will be fine nevertheless we still appreciate the hand work of God upon our lives.

New grounds for mission work 

It is our plan this year and with this new set of students to go as far as to the hinterland of the center region to plant new congregations. This is a dream and I pray you join me to realize that dream with your prayers and support to go and preach th gospel to the lost souls.thanks for your corporation. 

Remain blessed from your faithful servants and wife

Posted on May 30, 2017 .