Graduation in Mbanga, Cameroon

Greetings from my wife, the church in Mbanga, and also from the the second batch of students in the BVBIC-MBANGA.

I will begin by appreciating all those who supported our first batch of from April 2nd 2015 to March 30th 2017. Our first experience was accompanied with a lot of success, both from the Mbanga and also in our out station campaigns.

Our last quarter was characterized with a lot of activities such as the course on marriage and family which ended with the celebration on I choose my spouse "again" and Elder Todd Crayton from the Frisco congregation was the speaker of the day and the mentor of the course. We are glad that all went well and the married couples could enjoyed it very well.

After the course, we proceeded on our graduation and matriculation where 6  students who started last April 2015 were awarded with an advanced diplomat in Biblical studies by our Coordinator, David Ballard.

The second batch of students started classes immediately and it was on the 2nd of April 2017 with 12 students, including 3 brethren from neighboring Chad. We pray for these brothers to pick up the zeal of serving the Lord and preaching the gospel to the lost ones, as some of them are already presenting the their willingness to serve. 

Our work in the permanent side is advancing as we just finish putting our ceiling this week end and the main doors are already set up. Monday we shall begin with plastering and plumbing so that come may ending we shall get into our new side.

Your brother,


Posted on April 25, 2017 .