Muslims reached for Christ in northern Ghana


Our gospel campaign trip to Kukpalgu has been very successful in the sense that all the preachers with their members around Zabzugu and Tatale came to support the program.

The chief of the community, who is a Muslim, received us with a great joy and also asked us to pray to God to bless his people and that alone contributed to the greater part of our success.

We had two days public preaching in the evening with video show on the passion of Christ in their native language and many people came around and heard the message. Brother Francis Ayine preached on the first day and I also preached on the second day. On the third day those who heard the message were touched in their hearts and 11 souls were baptized and one soul also restored and now we have the newly planted Church in Kukpalgu in Zabzugu district. The number of brethren who participated in the program was 51 and our Sunday total attendance was 67. 63 adults and 4 children.

The leadership meeting too was held with the preachers and Church leaders. At the meeting, Francis Ayine spoke on the leadership lifestyle that can lead to Church growth. In fact, they were all very happy for the teaching and the learning materials were made for them to continue learning as they also teach the congregations.

The students are on break to see their families and they will be back next month.

The tiling of the six units of the students bath house is completed and now ready for use.

The fixing of the headlight and the hanging wire is also completed and working.


On the 26-2-2017, we visited and worship with Isaac, one of the past students at Kulpi-Salaga. On the same day we also proceeded to Grusizongo to pay a visit to another past student called David. One brother picked a form from here.

On the following day 27-2-2017 we went to Kpandai to see Michael the past student at Tengilinto. We also made our way to Lugni to meet Godwin the student.

Finally, we came down to Bimbilla on 28-2-2017 to see Lot who is also one of the past students where we had two brothers who filled the form for the next enrolment. We also went as far as to Gunguni to see how we can plant a new congregation in April 2017.

On our trip we also met some old preachers like Thomas and Samson in Salaga, Daniel in Kpandai, and David in Lugni to discuss on how we will all work together to sustain the local congregations in the Northern Ghana.

Your brother,

Jabado Alex

Tamale, Ghana




Posted on March 6, 2017 .