Challenges and excitement in Kenya

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Greeting from Kisumu Kenya.

This first week of December 2017 makes the end of 1st Quarter, 2nd year at the Kenya School of Preaching, Kisumu. The school had gone through various challenges occasioned by a disputed presidential election in August. The dispute led to daily violent protests and demonstrations that led to unfavorable environment for training and learning in general. The school had unusual breaks in two quarters to let the students go home to vote and to also seek refuge in a familiar territory and next to family when bullets were flying over the school and teargas was being felt within the compound. We thank God for keeping us safe during the dark period that led to several lives lost in Kisumu.

Whereas many families were mourning the loss of their loved ones through police brutality, KSOP family were also mourning the death of a student called Kevin Chabii. Everyone was shocked by the sudden death of this young promising preacher after a short illness. He left behind a widow and a daughter. We thank the Charlotte Avenue church and all the brethren who kept us in prayers and assistance during the time till burial. This was the first death of a student while still in school and was indeed challenging.

Despite the above, the faculty kept the school calendar on course and all the classes we taught as required by BVBI. Thanks to our coordinator Mike Reese and Peter Ray Cole who came to Kenya in the midst of the political crisis and taught two short course classes besides evangelizing the local villages within and outside Kisumu. Thanks for putting the Kingdom ahead of your very own lives. David Wasonga, Elias and Charles taught the other five classes and are excited to confirm that all went well.

The students have been great in class and in the field, two gospel meetings have been conducted in Bomet and Nakuru by the KSOP students, one “back to the bible” and another “Restoration plea” to bring people back to the New Testament church and worship. Personal evangelism has also been on top gear by the students and a total of 17 baptisms reported and 51 bibles studies established. Remember the students showed their zeal in the villages while the protests and demonstration were going on in major towns.

For almost six years now, KSOP has been using leased property to conduct the training. The property has served well despite the hiccups here and there. To overcome the hiccups that the school has been going through, Christians for Kenya bought land in Kisumu, 4km west of Kisumu International Airport. The buildings are going on well and we expect the students to move to the new facility in March next year 2018. Brethren, this is a milestone to Christians in Kenya and East Africa. We can’t thank you enough but great rewards awaits in heaven.

From Kenya, we wish you all Happy December holidays.


Charles Ogutu

Posted on December 8, 2017 .