Students finish their courses in Accra


We thank God, the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for making this year a peaceful year, though much challenges yet we are almost at the closed of the year through His Protection.

We are always thankful to you and the instructors for the great effort made to the students of the Southern Institute for the support and the sound doctrine.

The staff and the students say God bless you all.


On 10th of November, 2017, was Br. Keith Kasarjian together with Br. Stephen and Br. Osae Larbi last visit to the school in Accra (full time department) to see how the students were doing.

His visit was a motivation to us and the farewell message encouraging them to buck up with their studies. Having said this, he further went to check out the books at the library and finally prayed for the students and left.

The students’ message to him was that they appreciate his concern for visiting them from the beginning and ending of their two years studies in Bible knowledge on campus.


Almost all touches on the school block are accomplished. A small portion of the painting work and the fence are yet to be accomplished.


The school’s vacation for the Christmas holidays also marks the end of our two-year programme for school. Our second batch of twelve students ends their two-year vigorous and research-work based classroom studies in December, 2017. Even though they are ending their studies in December, their graduation will be in April, 2018. Three of the twelve are Liberians.


The school is blessed with a van that became possible through the generosity of the brethren in America. The van is mainly for use for Gospel Campaign, excursion and also for the use by the American brethren when they visit for short course, graduation or campaign and other vital purposes.  


The sport line of November student’s profile is one of our finest students by name David Antwi. He is married with three children, all boys. He preaches for Achimota College Church of Christ. Achimota is a suburb of Accra, our national capital city, and there are three congregations by location where David handles one of them. David is grateful to the school, according to him, he is now able to handle right with the scriptures and the brethren are happy for his work. The church has seen growth since he began preaching for the past years. It will interest you to know that the only survived preacher among the five first batches of preachers for the church in Ghana is a member where David preaches.


Please pray with us as we are about to end the year and to enter a New Year.

Posted on December 18, 2017 .