Good things happening in Accra!


Ebenezer, How far the Lord has brought us! The end of October and we have only November and December left for our second batch of students in their two years’ studies. They are counting the days daily.

Having directed by the school authorities, the teaching and non-teaching staff, the students and the congregation on visitation, extend her regards and appreciation for the numerous support you provide all times.

We in one accord say, the Lord keep you safe physically and spiritually and to restore in abundance the lost you made monthly for the growth of the school and the augment of the truth.


Attendance and Classes Hours

Instructors and Students are doing well to comply with the said time for reporting to class. As ordered by the Director and the staff, time is prudentially used to achieving the aim at the end of the day.

Method of Teaching

One of the best efforts made all times as instructors provide the necessary teaching methods and skills for the understanding of each course. The use of prescribed handout and other additions aid lessons to be understood and make the class more enthusiastic and lively.

Weekend classes

Always effective with part time students and instructors having their lessons taught as meeting academic expectations. Our Part Time department keeps on growing, we now have 30 students doing the Friday evening and Saturday classes. 


As part of the schools’ field work, the students have been attending to their assigned places weekly to help the church in the ministry. The churches are grateful for the students provided to them as they are renewed always during Bible class and exhortation. Enclosed are pictures showing the students and their performance at their assigned congregation.


Work on the rented building is in progress and it is about seventy percent complete. Even though it is not completed yet, the work done has been beneficial to both students and the instructors.


The new congregation established by the school is growing. One of the students, Dennis Boye Laryea goes there every week end to worship with them in Bible teachings and training the men to lead services. We plan to do a follow-up early next year.


Three of our 12 students in the Regular department are from Liberia. After their graduation they plan to go back and work in their home country. They came to Ghana as refugees and they are going back as Ambassadors of Jesus and preachers of the Word of God.   


We are glad to introduce to you one of our finest preacher, Emmanuel Akotuah. He is 55 years and has a wife with four children. He is preaching for one of the three congregations in a suburb of Accra our capital called Achimota. His congregation is called Main Road Church of Christ. This congregation is ten years. He has preached for this congregation for just one year and the attendance has rising from 180 to 230.

According to him the school had helped him to acquired much Bible knowledge and that is helping him to help the congregation with Bible knowledge and also able to train other men in the church.

Posted on November 27, 2017 .