A successful campaign in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. We do hope this report finds you in good health. We are doing better in our health, like for me, the past one week I had a cold. Keep us in your prayers. All of us are back in relatively sound health. We are all back to our normal schedule in our business of Bible study and making Christ known.

I write this report as many students return from their normal weekend evangelism locations. They returned with reports of great progress from the work.

Several graduates, and some current students, went on a boat heading to an island congregation were one of our graduates, Evang Etah Edwin is serving as an evangelist. He has been crying for a mass house to house evangelism campaign to expose the truth to many in this very populated island which is Cameroon island that is inhabited mostly by Nigerians.

This picture shows the safe arrival of our students after lots of challenges from the forces of law along with an order that people should not travel. Our students keep pressing on and declaring that God’s call to that island was to be head by them. Please let us go and save souls from the bondage of sin. The officers finally gave them authorization to travel across the ocean because of the gospel. Our God is too great. You can see them as immediately after they arrived, they embarked on the mission to reach out to many who were eagerly waiting for them as brother Etah had heavily advertised their coming. Many opened not only their Bibles and their doors, but they also open the doors of their hearts to allow the gospel to make a fruitful entrance into them.

The Bekumu congregation had a rich program as you can see. They were overjoyed to see these workers come and help paint their dream of robbing many in that community from the strong man’s house. What a pace we are setting among others in Cameroon! Keep this work in your prayers because we are moving ahead with lots of passion and zeal.

The entire congregation took a family picture with the blessings of the Lord, as God added 5 precious souls into His church. 5 souls were also restored in that same congregation. Our own congregation also witnessed a new birth as a soul was added and a soul who fell from the grace many years ago return to the lord with tears.

We thank God for adding 6 souls over this weekend to His congregations and 6 restored in His church. It is always amazing to send these students out to practicalize what they are learning in Christ. Keep our work in your prayers as we do our best to prepare as many for full time ministry as possible.

Thanks for your prayers concerning the situation in Cameroon. Students, staff, non- teaching staff, and all of our other ministries suffered at the beginning of the month because of the delay in our funds at the bank. I was stressed up as I received calls and watched many lamenting because of lack of their stipend. Thank you for your prayers to that effect. All is back to normal .

Thanks for your prayers and support. Without them it would have been difficult to make this work happen. God bless you. Please share our reports with others.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu


Posted on October 22, 2017 .