Agriculture Seminar in Takoradi


The school went on a two-week break after the seminar in August and returned on the 18th of September. Classes began immediately for both the regular and part-time students. Three more students have joined in the part-time class bringing the number to sixteen.  


Earlier discussion had gone on between healing hands international and the school on setting up a poultry project. The main purpose for this project is for both students and instructors to learn about keeping poultry that would help sustain them in the preaching work.

Funds ($3000) had been provided by HHI to put up a structure, buy two hundred and fifty day-old chicks, provide their feed, till maturity, among others. Brother Ebenezer Udofia from Healing Hands International arrived in Ghana on the 20th of September to the 22nd to organize a one-day workshop on poultry keeping for fifty-four brethren, including students who were in attendance. The birds are in their third week and are growing well.


The school made an appeal to brother Steven Ashcraft to help provide the school with a motor bicycle to enable the students use it in evangelism and visitation in the villages around the school. By God’s grace an anonymous donor has provided us with $1200 which has enabled the school to purchase a brand new motorcycle. 


The Howe church has provided the school with $800 to undertake the second major campaign for Christ this year. Unfortunately what we know to be the minor rainy season has turned out to be a major rainfall.

Arrangement with a congregation at Foso in the central region had been done to assist in their campaign in the middle of November. Full report on this campaign will be sent to you after we have it.

Thank you and God bless you all.


Posted on October 18, 2017 .