Evangelism Characterizes The Recent Activity In Nigeria...

Beloved in Christ,

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you all from God our Father and from Jesus Christ, the hope of the world and the strength of the saints.

We evangelized Tadi and Alagbede villages of Ona-Ara Local Government, Oyo state last Saturday and a man of sixty years that left the church after his baptism two years ago at Alagbede was restored back to the Lord on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at the Campus church Butubutu. Brother Kayode Solomon Eniafe and brother Dele Shotola, my fellow WBSFUW and graduates of SWSE-Ibadan evangelized Ijebu-Igbo town with brethren from the Ijebu-Igbo congregation, Ogun state.

On the Lord's day, March 13 at Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation, Ibadan, brother Destiny Elijah, one of our year two (BVBIN) students continued our teaching on “Basic Factors to Church Growth,” while brother Emmanuel Okpachui, one of our year one students (SWSE), admonished the church on “The Joy of Sharing,” and I served as one of the contributors.

At the BVBIN /SWSE campus church on the Lord's day of March 13, brother Emmanuel Tobi Godwin taught on “Justification by God,” while brother Godwin Johnson admonished the church from Gal.1:1-10. Brother Segun Shotola, one of our year two students taught on “Faith” at the Egbeda congregation via Ibadan, and brother Samuel Olorode, another year two student taught on “Baptism” at the Baale -Ayo congregation in Osun state. Brother Godwin Ede taught on “Looking unto Jesus Christ” at the Wasinmi congregation in Osun state, and brother Edwin Ebire taught from the book of Revelation at Asejire, Ondo Ore / Benin way on “The Facts of the Gospel.”

Brother Matthew Adeyemi, one of my fellow WBSFUW in this Southwest Region of Nigeria, reported the conversion of sister Janet Ediboh at his new station in Ogun state.

Lord willing, I, some staff of the school, and foundation members will attend a one day ministers’ forum at the Owode-Egba congregation in Ogun state this coming Saturday.

In conclusion, we appreciate you all for your love and care. May the Lord keep on using you all for His glory in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Yours in His grace as a servant,
Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Minister)

Posted on March 20, 2016 .