Annual Leadership Conference is a success

    I am happy for the privilege God is providing me to share with you the happiest and most encouraging moment we had at Andrew Conally School Of Preaching.  God is blessing this school richly by giving us opportunity to teach and serve Him. Tanzania Leadership Conference (TLC) is an event, which is hosted by Andrew Connally School Of preaching to teach Christian community.  This is first conference done without our beloved brother Cy. I believe that prayers works as God promised. We have great hope and expectation to have our brother back, but all things will be done in the will of our almighty God.  (Faithful is the saying, If a man seeketh the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work).

 This year theme was “seeking the office”. Over one hundred and thirty participants from sixty different congregations around East Africa attended the conference. Many churches were only able to send one or two representatives because of distance but it was amazing conference.  On Sunday service (which we did together with Kisongo Church, the congregation close to school) two hundred and fifty people attended that worship. 

One of the topics highly debated among the brotherhood especially in East Africa is seeking for a position in the church especially electing elders in the church. The Andrew Connally School Of preaching acknowledged that the only way it can help and serve to the Christian community is arranging seminar which may help to solve the current leadership problem in the church. 

  Moreover this time we had amazing and an experience teachers on the subject, who helped participants to have great desire to be leaders in the church. This seminar also intended to help our students to be more active in the churches are coming from. Apart from that, students are well trained practically to serve Lord wherever they go through this conference.  This year also we were able to get people from Kigoma region, which is at the border of Democratic Of Congo, this place may be far than those who are coming from Uganda. This is to show how the gospel is penetrating to the interior.

   Thank you everyone who is working with school and the church in general. Also I would like to thank all teachers of TLC who taught in this conference, always you are in our prayer support on any thing.  To our supporters this cannot be done without you, always God is pleased with those who are thinking about Him first. We thank you also for your prayers and the encouragement we receive from you always.  

In His service,

Ahimidiwe Kimaro

 Director, Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school

Arusha, Tanzania


Posted on October 23, 2016 .