Remarkable Activities In Tamale Make A Difference In The North...

The entire staff and students send greetings from Tamale to all servants in the vineyard. We thank the Almighty God for His continuous care and protection and pray that His divine blessings would be showered on all His servants as we enter into a new year. 

The year 2015 was full of activities and blessings. Remarkable among the activities was the Women’s Fellowship which is to be an annual activity to be organized by some selected women in the three regions of the northern sector of the country in collaboration with the Institute. In the maiden meeting, a lot of lessons were learned, and also some pertinent marriage issues were discussed among the elderly women and those who were encountering marriage problems. In all, women were empowered to take up challenges in their various congregations.

Other very remarkable issues which occurred in the past year were donations of a vehicle from the coordinator, brother Steven Ashcraft, to the Institute and also 5 sets of electronic equipment from the sponsors to the congregations in the Northern Regions of Ghana.

The vehicle is to be used for the conveyance of students and equipment to communities we are to evangelize and also to monitor the work of past students. The 5 sets of electronic equipment were also given to the congregations to enhance their evangelism drive. The Institute wishes to thank both brother Steven Ashcraft and our sponsors for their love and support for the Lord’s work. 

In addition to these, 36 bicycles were shared to past students of the Institute to enhance their movements, that is, to evangelize and to pay visits to the brethren.

Another activity was the visit of brother Ebenezer Udofuah of Healing Hands International, who traveled from Kenya to teach preachers about drip irrigation. We thank all who made his trip and activity possible.

It is the hope and prayer of the staff that this year will provide all of us the opportunity to serve our Lord with all that by His grace have blessed us with.

Baah Joseph Okyere

Posted on January 17, 2016 .