CBS Graduation And Nine Baptized In Assahoun Campaign...

Evangelistic activities took us to Assahoun in the Ave region of Togo. Fifteen brethren left Kpalime with the Chariot and motor bikes to join members of the Assahoun Church of Christ in a three day outreach program. Activities included: Public preaching at night, a film show, personal work in homes, along with tract distribution on the street and in the market places. At the end of the three days of activities, nine souls were added to the Assahoun Church of Christ.

Visit to Nyiveme Church
In July, I had the opportunity to preach at the Nyiveme congregation on the topic “Your 40 Days is Here” using 1 Samuel 17:4-11-16 as a text. 

The Nyiveme congregation started in 2004 and it housed the school of preaching for a couple of years. As the first congregation in Kpalime city, it has experienced significant growth, but as more congregations were planted, the Nyivemecongregation has to feed the newly plantedones with members. We had to allow members who were willing to transfer their membership to the newly established congregation in order to also create space. The leadership of the congregation is initiating steps to raise funds to construct a shed above the present auditorium.

Tsame Church of Christ Returns to Original Site
A couple of months ago when the Church of Christ wanted to purchase this very land to construct a meeting place, we couldn’t afford the price. We had to find a cheaper place on a mountain in Kpodzi. But all along we wished we had the place in Tsame on level ground. God realizing our plight, sent someone who was interested in purchasing several plots on the mountain for an industry. Since our structure was in the middle of the property the company intended to purchase, they met with the church and proposed that if the church decides to relocate, the company will not only purchase the new land but will also construct new structure for the Church. At this point, the brethren quickly went back to the Tsame land, which was still available. This was how the Tsame church came back to their original place. This is God at work. The brethren have since started worshiping in their new place and their faith has increased.

Motor Bike for CBS
A brother recently sent some funds for Togo mission in response to our call for funds to purchase a motor bike for the center. This bike will facilitate students’ visits to congregations on Sunday, visit prospects for Bible studies, and run errands on behalf of school and church. Like Oliver Twist, we are asking for more. One of such bike costs $900.00 i.e. bike and registration.

Planning 2015 Graduation Program
I am always grateful for the men around me who help in making the decision. In one picture we were in a meeting to plan the graduation program. All the men are preachers and staff members of CBS.

Visit To Beme Church
On my recent visit to Togo, I had the opportunity to travel to Beme, a 20 minute drive from Kpalime. The purpose of the visit, in the first place, was to meet the family head in Beme who donated one plot of land for the church to construct a meeting place and to pay for the documents covering the land.

Beme Church of Christ Meets Here
While there, we met some ladies who were in a Bible study with the preacher that morning. Later we heard the good news that the ladies were ready to put on Christ in baptism.

World Radio Sponsored Program
For the past few weeks, the brethren in Kpalime have been discussing the Ten Commandments. The speaker is Atah, one of the instructors at CBS. One young man responded to the gospel invitation and was baptized as a result of the radio program. The program is on air each Sunday evening from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm. We wish to thank our sponsors for this great opportunity to be on air with the saving message. 

We Need Help To Develop The 25 Plots of Land for CBS
About twelve years ago, the eldership of the West Dyersburg Church of Christ helped to purchase land for CBS. For several years, all attempts to utilize this property for the intended purpose has proven futile. We have decided to organize a local fund raising initiative by inviting all the congregations in and around Kpalime for a ground breaking ceremony.

Report by
H.Willie Gley

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Posted on September 6, 2015 .