Work In French-Speaking Cameroon Is Growing With The Fear Of The Lord...

With the Lord, everything is possible. People are dying every day, companies are being closed down day by day, businesses of men run short of capital income, but the Word of the Lord will never die down and will continue to save men every day in this world. The work in Cameroon is growing with the fear of the Lord and especially in the French speaking part of the country.

Students returned to campus on the 11th of September. Brother Gary Fallis arrived on the soils of Cameroon the same day and was taking directly to his hotel room with the company of the coordinator, David Ballard, and the director of the school in Wotutu.

Brother Gary finished his first week of teaching on “The Scheme of Redemption” and was interpreted by one of our instructors, and all seven of our students validated it and will begin today with the “Godhead.” He is a very good teacher, even in his approach of this particular course. We pray for him to still have more strength so as to give us a powerful approach on the next course.

We spent several days last week going up and down with the David Ballard and Steve doing evangelism to some villages around Mbanga, and the Lord added some souls into His vineyard who are worshiping God today with all amount of authority. We should keep on praying for these precious souls.

Our second quarter will end this weekend. Students went for field work and restored many souls in Nbangante, Abang, Mabanda, Douala, Nsanke, and Mujuka. We are still doing follow up with prospects and backsliders, as we sent students back to these congregations for weekend evangelism. The field is really vast and the students are few, but we shall still do our best to see that the work penetrates the French world in Cameroon and other parts of the world, like in Tchad and Central African Republic.

We shall immediately kick off with the third quarter on the 28th of this month and students might go for campaign as far as the Northern part of Cameroon.

May our good God give us long life, and as young as I am I will use my strength to do the work of God. “Evangelism is our Mission and our Mission is Evangelism.” 

Brother Ititi

Posted on September 27, 2015 .