Spiritual Discipline Seminar Continues To Grow In Tanzania...

The Spiritual Disciplines seminar that has been traveling around the area has now come to the Njiro Chini congregation. My "Timothy," Ayubu, and I were privileged to bring the introductory lessons. Over the coming weeks area evangelists will be visiting Njiro Chini to teach about important spiritual disciplines that will help the members there to grow. I'm excited to see what will happen for the congregation as they apply these practices.  

Our students are beginning the last week of the 3rd quarter. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers as they prepare for final exams and finish up their papers and projects. This quarter I taught the course on “Job.” It was a rich and rewarding study of placing unconditional trust in God. I hope it blessed the students as it blessed me.

Elly hosted a gathering at his home to honor and appreciate the workers at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. It was a warm gesture and seemed to be well received by the staff and faculty. He asked me to give a speech at the gathering. I gladly took the opportunity to remind the workers of the valuable role that each of them play in the overall work of the school and the souls that are saved as a result. I am immensely thankful for the brothers and sisters that work so hard in cooking, cleaning, security, maintenance, gardening, in the office, translating, and other necessary tasks that contribute to the operation of the school. In whatever capacity you serve Christ and His church, fill your role to the best of your ability.  

Would you like a visit?  I have openings available in December and early January. If you would like for me to visit with your congregation to discuss the work here, then contact me so we can get you on the schedule.

Daniel Gaines

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Posted on September 20, 2015 .